The Works of our Fans

John’s love of watercolor extended beyond his own studio and into the heart of his school in Woodstock, NY. He loved to nurture the talents of novice and professional painters alike and we know he would have delighted to showcase the works of those who have learned from him in some way or have benefited from his products.

Here is our DECEMBER 2018 featured artist:

in Erwartung[457] muhlbauer.JPG

Thomas Mühlbauer

Hello my name is Thomas Mühlbauer and I am from Germany. Since 1968 I am
an absolute fan of John Pike (I was 11 years old), since 1984 I paint
watercolors ... Only patience Old Lyme was my 1st watercolor after John
Pike ... Thanks John, that I was allowed to get to know you ...8-)

Future artists

If you would like one of your works featured here for our January issue, click here to submit your artwork and a short bio. We’re excited to hear from you!